Ken Goodenberger - LyricTenor          Brenda Goodenberger - Mezzo-Soprano

There is a line in the musical 42nd Street where one of the adult characters in the show exuberantly proclaims "she's young, kids can do
anything." The same statement could be made about the extremely talented cast of young performers in Spotlight Youth Theatre's
production of this classic backstage musical. These kids may all be in their teens but they act, sing and dance with an infectious glee, full of
professionalism and charm, which make Spotlight's production of this classic, dance heavy show a musical comedy treat… Kira Kadel
gives Dorothy the right balance of vulnerability, fierceness and maturity and a big dusting of old time star power that combine to bring the
role vibrantly alive, full of layers and nuance. Kadel's flawless line delivery, facial reactions and comic timing are spot on and her earthy,
bold and brassy voice works well with Dorothy's solos, including a perfect take on "I Only Have Eyes for You" and a touching duet of "About
a Quarter to Nine" that she and Czajkowski deliver perfectly. Gil Benbrook – Reviewer Talkin’ Broadway

Brenda Goodenberger as the Lady in the Lake, the only main female character in the cast, gives it her all and has a lovely, commanding and
beautiful voice that has a wide, versatile range and is full of power. Idle and Du Prez wrote several very good songs for the character that
feature various musical styles and Goodenberger knocks them all out of the park. She also has a strong stage presence which lets her
easily hold her own and helps to balance all of the male characters... Tyler Lewis is a gem as the self-absorbed, vain and narcissistic
Galahad. Lewis has great comic timing and a fantastic voice as well. His duet with Goodenberger of “The Song that Goes Like This” is a
showstopper... Ken Goodenberger's musical direction achieves pleasant harmonies from the large cast and his conducting skills are
exceptional, achieving a sensational sound from the fourteen-piece orchestra. - Gil Benbrook Reviewer

Ken Goodenberger has a gorgeous voice that makes Tiernan's songs soar, and he has several. He and Robertson have good chemistry,
making their romantic relationship realistic. Goodenberger's stage presence, facial expressions and body language when he is around
Grace or her husband accurately portray a man who is in love with a woman yet cannot be with her… (this) PVCC production has competent
leads, lush costumes, swift direction, and a spectacular orchestra. Gil Benbrook – Reviewer

Theater Works' Youth Works is closing their 2014/2015 season with a superb production of A Year with Frog and Toad. Originally a small
show with just five actors, Youth Works has expanded the cast to over twenty, and it works exceedingly well to show the large number of
creatures that inhabit the world that Frog and Toad live in. As Frog and Toad, Tyler Lewis and Skyler Washburn are splendid… and Kendra
Goodenberger is charming as the young Frog… Ken Goodenberger's musical direction achieves some stunning choral harmonies across
the large cast. - Gil Benbrook – Reviewer Talkin’ Broadway

Theater Works in Peoria is presenting the premiere production of a fantastic new cabaret show entitled I Get a Kick Out of Cole… All nine
cast members are skilled vocalists and have no problem in navigating Porter's more tricky lyrics. A true ensemble piece, all nine have
numerous moments to shine, both in solos, duets and full ensemble pieces, and, while there are many highlights in the show, here are some
of my favorites… Brenda Goodenberger delivers a smashing, comical take on Nymph Errant's "The Physician" as well as a funny snippet of
Kiss Me, Kate's "I Hate Men." … Utpadel, Kalbfleisch and Goodenberger also provide lush harmonies on "Most Gentlemen Don't Like Love."
… Ken Goodenberger (Brenda's husband) delivers a forceful "I Happen to Like New York" and with his wife sings a spirited version of "It's
De-Lovely" that includes some lyrics from the song that aren't often heard… With fantastic arrangements and musical direction, a smoking
trio of musicians, and a winning cast, to quote a famous Porter lyric, "what a swell party" I Get a Kick Out of Cole is. Gil Benbrook – Reviewer

Bravi! Bravi! Bravi! To the five women ~ Kathleen Berger, Brenda Goodenberger, Marie Gouba, Alanna Kalbfleisch, Alexandra Utpadel ~ and
four men ~ Tony Blosser, Ken Goodenberger, Roger Nelson, Dominik Rebilas ~ who grace the Theater Works stage in the 29th Season
opening production of I Get a Kick Out of Cole. (This) ensemble serves a cornucopia of delicious and nuanced interpretations of Porter's
distinctive oeuvre. Smooth and sleek, elegant and sexy, rich and mellifluous, silvery and honeyed ~ in solos and duets and together, this
powerhouse of talent delivers both the full range of Porter's genius and an intriguing narrative of his loves, laughs, and losses.

This was an ensemble piece, but with individual cast members giving us some truly memorable performances.  They gave us the gift of
Porter songs that were funny, poignant and heart-felt and sometimes just a little naughty (at least during the times they were written).  I sat
back and let the music wash over my soul. There was not a weak voice in this cast of 5 women and 4 men. Eland Relic Reviewer for Valley

There’s a ton of talent onstage… In the plus column, Brenda Goodenberger delivers wonderfully comic takes on "Nobody's Chasing Me" and
"The Physician". Kerry Lengel – Reviewer AZ Republic

Steve Hilderbrand and Gary Gallner string 50 of the best (Cole Porter songs) together with an interesting commentary of Porter’s tragic life
to create a new cabaret revue, “I Get A Kick Out of Cole.”  They use a chic unit set, nine solid singers who provide pleasant song renditions,
costume the cast in attractive gowns and appropriate formal attire, and have a sharp three-person band play the tunes with verve. One
couple, Brenda and Ken Goodenberger, handle the show’s stylish sophistication best. Chris Curcio - Reviewer KBAQ

"A Little Night Music" deals with the universal subject of love, in all its wondrous, humorous and ironic permutations.This is a typical
Stephen Sondheim musical with complex meters, pitch changes, polyphony and high notes, for both male and female roles. This cast at
Theater Works did him proud as they produced pitch perfect clarity to all the songs to perfection. The actors brought forth a most believable
depiction to the characters. In particular outstanding performances by Ken Goodenberger (Frederik Egerman) as the confused lover of all
women... Brenda Goodenberger (the Countess) the manic wife… as they set the scenes with their most melodious voices and songs. Jay
Horne – A Director’s Viewpoint

‎Ken Goodenberger and Brenda Goodenberger were both amazing last night in excerpts from "A Little Night Music" at a Centennial event. I
am so looking forward to this production! Kenneth LaFave – Composer, Reviewer

Has it already been said that "The family that does plays together, stays together?" Many of the uniformly capable cast members (in Theater
Works' Camelot) share the same last names. This can sometimes be a double-edged sword, but in the case of Ken Goodenberger ("King
Arthur") and Brenda Goodenberger ("Nimue" and "Morgan LeFey") it indicates the union of the two best vocalists of the group. Maile
Hernandez -  Reviewer Phoenix Theater Examiner

Everyone was so impressed with Ken and Brenda’s performances. We had 4 Board Members at the performance on Friday – each one
walked away very impressed with The Ken and Brenda Show and all are very enthusiastic about Ken and Brenda’s return for Camelot. They
really entertained the crowd and our patrons loved their performance. A big “THANKS” from all of us. Ken and Brenda Goodenberger and
their accompanist Bill Moore, are a “class act” and delightful to work with. Based on the enthusiastic response we received, we are likely to
do more of this. Jack Lytle -Theater Works Executive Director

Ken & Brenda Goodenberger were absolutely superb. I was totally blown away not only by their operatic voices, but also by their wonderful
harmony abilities. Their 90 minute presentation was filled with delightful songs that we were all familiar with invoking cheers from the entire
audience. Everyone that attended was delighted… A thoroughly enjoyable evening. Michele Poetsch of Desert Foothills Theatre

I want to tell you how happy we all were to have Ken and Brenda Goodenberger at our club Sat. night. Their show was just wonderful, and we
heard only the best reviews from all our guests. Ken and Brenda made our Broadway evening a success. Thank you again for a great
performance. Susan Kaufman - Event planner Terravita Country Club

We sincerely thank Ken and Brenda Goodenberger for making our evening reception such a memorable event! Participants at our Annual
Pediatric Update Conference are extremely complementary and consistently tell us to “Bring them back!” We’re looking forward to seeing
Ken and Brenda again next year. JoAnn Cunningham - Manager, Medical Education Phoenix Children’s Hospital

Brenda Goodenberger was a sinuously, insincere villainess par excellence. Paula Shulak - Reviewer/

I want to applaud the tenor soloist, Ken Goodenberger, for beautiful, lyrical singing…The warmth and beauty of his voice sent chills through
my body. Misa Criolla Reviewer -

Glendale Community College theatre truly wowed and moved audiences with their most recent production, “Other Places”, a three-part play
which makes the audience think, as well as laugh about life, love and government.  “One for the Road” was directed by Eric Bond. ... His cast
Ursa Allred, Jack Melfi and Kendra Goodenberger astounded and captivated audiences with their great amount of talent and sheer emotion.
-  Emily Balli Reviewer GCC The Voice

Excellent vocals by curvaceous Brenda Goodenberger who portrays sexy Widow Black-Illyitch-Tsuchiya-Crazyhorse-Hurwitz. Jack Hawn
Reporter/Reviewer The Wester

Ken Goodenberger’s musicianship is of the highest caliber, and his ability to work with people is extraordinary. He has a beautiful tenor
voice with tremendous flexibility and a wide range. Though trained as an opera singer, he has the ability to lighten the voice, making it
suitable for all kinds of music, from Broadway to Renaissance music. Dr. Jeffrey Stevens

The chorus of Sweeney Todd was a well trained precise ensemble which interpreted the composer’s intricate, colorful music in a most
professional way. Each soloist did a marvelous job as well. Ken Goodenberger was a suitably lecherous Judge and in their wonderful
quartet, Groen, Newhard, Goodenberger and Erek more than proved their mettle…Theater Works in general and (Music Director)
Hilderbrand in particular have outdone themselves. Run, don’t walk, to see this one! Paula Shulak - Reviewer/

It’s the first Spotlight Youth Theatre show directed by Brenda Goodenberger, a longtime performer and director in the Valley who, along with
husband Ken, has nine children and four grandchildren. Goodenberger delivers a perky, fast-paced production that marries the silly with the
sentimental. It’s a musical truly made for family members of all ages. Lynn Trimble – Reviewer

The cast of six features some very talented singers from the Valley with each delivering a solo or two and providing backup vocals
throughout… Brenda Goodenberger's soaring soprano voice delivers a poignant take on the TV show's "I Remember When We Fell in Love"
and the entire cast deliver knock out performances of "Mr. Hankey" and "Make Bullying Kill Itself." The harmonies achieved in these group
numbers and the arrangements by Tony Robinson are stellar.” Gil Benbrook – Reviewer Talkin’ Broadway

Kira Kadel as prima donna Dorothy has a standout duet with Peggy (Katie Czajkowski ) while Sydnie Greger comically shines as chorus girl
Anytime Annie... Over the last few years of attending (shows at Spotlight Youth Theatre) it’s good to see local young talent develop season
by season in a direction suggesting a future career. - Valley Screen and Stage: David Appleford's Film and Theatre Reviews

Creative elements are quite effective… Cari Smith's period costumes and Brenda Goodenberger's hair and make-up designs work well to
portray these very different women as they age over the twenty-year span of the show. Gil Benbrook – Reviewer Talkin’ Broadway

Brenda Goodenberger is superb as Sister Amnesia, the nun who lost her memory after being hit on the head by a falling crucifix.
Goodenberger's glazed over, "deer caught in the headlights," look is priceless and she doesn't miss a beat in ensuring every line is
delivered with comic aplomb. Her ventriloquist number "So You Want to Be a Nun" is a highlight… Full of wit and innuendo, Nunsense is a
fun-filled show that gives these sisters many moments to show the hilarity that is hiding beneath their habits. Gil Benbrook – Reviewer
Talkin’ Broadway

Director Kenny Grossman and his group at Spotlight Youth Theatre in Glendale, Arizona deliver a powerful production that doesn’t shy away
from the mature content and features a ton of talent. That includes… Brenda Goodenberger fulfilling student Spencer Claus’s piano lesson
fantasy. Brenda also impresses as Wendla’s and Melchior’s mother, with her real-life husband Ken Goodenberger taking on the roles of The
Adult Men including a brutal father shattered by the repercussions of his words. Rob Hopper – National Youth Arts

This modern performance was done by Theater Works’ outstanding Youth Works group… This cast was superbly directed by Brenda
Goodenberger, an AriZoni winning director. This statement carries quite a bit of weight as judged by my 41 years involved with professional,
repertory and community theatre, as a performer, director, tech, etc., I have never seen a cast of 55 youngsters! There are many youth
theatre groups in the greater Phoenix area, but few can match consistently the productions Theater Works puts on each show, as
supported by this particular production. The entire cast — from the leads to the back-ups and the supporting roles — all performed in
perfect sync. It was a joy to see them all perform so well. On the evening I went it was a sold-out audience of all ages, and the crowd
seemed to feel as I did. Thunderous applause was waiting at the end of each scene, and the conclusion was met with an instant standing
ovation. Jay Horne – In A Director’s Viewpoint

Director Grossman has made several excellent directorial decisions. First, and most importantly, the script is as performed on Broadway
without cuts. The second is breaking the Spotlight rule of casting adults. Spring Awakening possesses several adult characters that briefly
appear to either pass comment to each other or to interact with the teenagers, and they’re traditionally played by the same two performers,
changing only the odd item of clothing or the sound of their voices to indicate a different role. Grossman has cast husband and wife team,
Brenda and Ken Goodenberger as the adults, and the effect highlighting the generational gap this way rather than casting two more
Spotlight teenagers in obvious adult costumes is ideal… In fact, praise is required of the whole, gifted cast, each successfully bringing a
required, individual quality to even the smallest of roles. - Valley Screen and Stage: David Appleford's Film and Theatre Reviews

Theatre Artists Studio… original revue “Equal Opportunity Offenders: Music From South Park… songs are so funny and tuneful that they
make for a rollicking 90-plus minutes of F-bombs, potty humor and social satire… it’s effectively jazzed up with images from the original
shows as well as the lively singing of a cast that includes local standouts Brenda Goodenberger and Patti Suarez. Kerry Lengel - Reviewer
Arizona Republic

Music director Ken Goodenberger achieved a sensational sound from his 18-piece band… With many screwball madcap moments but also
a rich story and characters you believe in and feel for, Dirty Rotten Scoundrels is a fast, fresh and funny musical with a big heart. The PVCC
production, with a talented cast, clear direction and a smoking band, was simply splendid. Gil Benbrook – Reviewer Talkin’ Broadway

Brenda Goodenberger directs Creative Stages Youth Theatre’s entertaining production of the junior version of Honk, while also designing
the set featuring great painting by Paul Wilson that helps bring to life the local barnyard. The actors take the transformations from there.
Thirteen-year-old Marshall Scott is our Ugly Duckling, gaining our sympathy with his good, melancholy vocals while gaining our laughter with
his great expressions and nerdiness. Ashley Sneddon is his devoted duck mother Ida delivering both lovely and sensitively delivered vocals.
And Ugly’s going to need mommy’s devotion with the Cat perusing a book titled “To Serve Duck.” Yes, sci-fi fans, it’s a cookbook (cue
Twilight Zone theme)! Kira Kadel is charmingly evil and feline with her movements as said Cat who can play with her food before she eats it.
And she leaves Ugly and Ida with amusing looks on their faces when Cat goes crazy… In the end, (the show is) very touching as Ugly learns
it’s okay to be different.  Rob Hopper – National Youth Arts
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